Work Zone Data Exchange (WZDx) Feed Registry and Archive

ITS DataHub has partnered with the work zone data community, Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) Work Zone Data Initiative (WZDI), and the broader Work Zone Data Working Group to create the following suite of proof-of-concept tools for work zone feeds compliant with the Work Zone Data Exchange (WZDx) specification.

Work Zone Feed Registry

The registry allows consumers of realtime work zone data to find an up-to-date list of WZDx-compliant feeds. Having your WZDx feed registered here provides the following benefits: 

WZDx Data Locations

The Work Zone Data Exchange program spans multiple states across the U.S.

If you are a data producer and have a WZDx feed that you'd like to register:
Contact us at with the following subject: "Add WZDx Feed to Registry: <organization-name>".
If you are a data consumer or developer and have feedback:
Contact us at
Create a GitHub issue at our wzdx_registry GitHub repository.
Read our Contribution Guidelines and contribute to our GitHub repository directly.

Work Zone Data Archive

The Work Zone Data Archive uses public Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage Service (S3) buckets to host snapshots of data captured from the active WZDx feeds. 
Two buckets have been set up for the Work Zone Data Archive - one for raw data and one for semi-processed data. Each bucket can be navigated through their accompanying S3 Explorer sites, using the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), or through code. For more information on how to access the data through code, please consult our sandbox README.
Additional information on each bucket is below.

Raw Data Sandbox

S3 bucket holding the raw data retrieved from WZDx feeds in the Work Zone Feed Registry. Each file contains the snapshot of data retrieved from a feed.
Bucket Name: usdot-its-workzone-raw-publicdata (S3 Explorer Site)
Folder Hierarchy: state={state}/feedName={feedName}/year={year}/month={month}/{feedName}_{timeRetrieved}

Semi-processed Data Sandbox

S3 bucket holding semi-processed data retrieved from WZDx feeds in the Work Zone Feed Registry. Each file is a newline JSON file and contains the work zone statuses for a particular work zone for the month. The first and most recent status retrieved for the month is always archived, as are statuses flanking any detected change. At least one status is also archived for each day even if the status of the work zone has not changed.
Bucket Name: usdot-its-workzone-publicdata (S3 Explorer Site)
Folder Hierarchy: state={state}/feedName={feedName}/year={year}/month={month}/{identifier}_{beginLocation_roadDirection}_{year}{month}_v{version}.txt
If you are a data consumer or developer and have feedback regarding the data archive:
Contact us at
Create a GitHub issue at our wzdx_sandbox GitHub repository
Read our Contribution Guidelines and contribute to our GitHub repository directly. Additional data consumer resources will be made available in Spring 2020.

Sample Data in DTG

To showcase the work zone data in a more user-friendly way, ITS DataHub can set up an additional process to periodically update a sample of the feed's data into U.S. DOT's open data platform at (DTG). DTG allows users to browse the sample data in a web-user interface, create in-platform data filters or visualizations based on the sample data, access the data through API or Tableau, and more. Below are featured sample datasets and visualizations that we currently have on DTG.

MassDOT WZDx v3.1 Feed Sample

MassDOT Active Work Zones - Visualization

Maricopa County DOT (MCDOT) WZDx v3.0 Feed Sample

MCDOT Active Work Zones - Visualizations

Texas DOT WZDx v2.0 Feed Sample

Texas DOT Active Work Zones - Visualization 

If you're a data producer and would like your WZDx feed to be showcased in a DTG dataset, please contact us at