Special Weekly Reports

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Office of Highway Policy Information has developed these monthly analytical reports to provide snapshots of near real-time information on traffic volume and gasoline product supplied.  Please direct all questions and comments to PolicyInfoFeedback@dot.gov.

offers insight on weekly fluctuation of the gasoline product supply, which is an important part of any analysis of construction trends, materials and operating costs associated with highway repair and construction, and changes in traffic volume. These data come directly from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) website. The EIA publishes the average daily amount of gasoline supplied in barrels, which HPPI converts to an average number of gallons of gasoline per week.

Picture of gasoline pump
Aerial view of highway system
estimates the vehicle miles traveled (VMT) for interstate highways and how the total travel measured by VMT compares with travel that occurred in the same week of the previous year. The VMT is further split into passenger vehicle and truck components. The information gives new insights into the effect on traffic by storm activity, economic fluctuations, and other variables that could not be evaluated using the monthly report.

Office of Highway Policy Information
The Office of Highway Policy Information serves as the national source of surface transportation data; providing the U.S. DOT, Congress, and transportation community with accurate information products in a timely manner to inform the development and implementation of decisions, policies, legislation, programs, and performance goals, while constantly striving to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of data collection and analysis on travelers and the physical, operational and financial condition of our transportation system.